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Apples, cherries, mazzards (sweet cherries), and pears are cultivated in the colder climate, and walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pomegranates, and figs are also produced in this area. Armenians call themselves Hay (Հայ, pronounced [ˈhaj]; plural: Հայեր, [haˈjɛɾ]). Moreover, many private galleries are in operation, with many more opening every year, featuring rotating exhibitions and sales. ” Of the students in the health-care field, 90 percent are women. Armenians have a rich history of oral and written literature. A new Armenian style of bright colors emerged in painting. In 885 AD the Armenians reestablished themselves as a sovereign kingdom under the leadership of Ashot I of the Bagratid Dynasty. Likewise, objects such as the zurna, a wind instrument, and the wedding tree, a rod or a sword decorated with ribbons, fruit, and frankincense, stand as symbols of feast and festival to celebrate the joy of the newlywed couple. Below is an essay on “Armenia Is Amzing” from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Armenian Celebration Of Heritage History Essay. Although the old age security system or pension is still in place, the amount of funding designated as monthly payment is not sufficient to maintain a subsistence living. The conference proceedings are edited by Richard G. Within the framework of the project “Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia” funded by the European Commission ICHD conducted a series of trainings in Vayots Dzor. This period was ended by the Seljuk invasion. Gradually, an autonomous army and defense system are being developed. Ethnic Armenians (Hay), Kurds Russian, Ukrainians, Assyrians, Greeks and Georgians all contribute to the makeup of the population with the Ethnic Armenians rounding out the top at 90%. And in total there are about 8 million throughout the world.

Armenian cuisine is as ancient as the history of Armenia, a combination of different tastes and aromas. The Armenians and their plateau have been subject to various invasions. Apricots (Prunus armeniaca, also known as Armenian Plum) have been grown in Armenia for centuries and have a reputation for having an especially good flavor. The disastrous earthquake in Armenia on 7 December 1988 added to the existing refugee and economic problems. Farm products provide raw materials for many industries. They fought the Roman legions and the Sassanid Persians, and in most cases lost. Khorenatsi managed to preserve the precious specimens of oral national poetry in his works. From the early 16th century, both Western Armenia and Eastern Armenia fell under Iranian Safavid rule. In short, the historical approach taken seems to imply that Armenian identity, history, and culture are stuck in the past. The seventh day after death, the fortieth day, and annual remembrance are the accepted way of respecting the dead. The republic of Armenia is a democratic constitutional state. The CARCATA project is implemented by International Center for Human Development (ICHD) in cooperation with the “Generations’ Solidarity” Youth NGO (G’S) and the Theatre for Changes (T4C) in close consultation with the local health department of regional administration, marz chief gynecologists, as well as with UNFPA “Promote contraceptive security in Armenia” project office.

Elle Turkey Shoots Fashion Spread In Ruined Armenian City

In 1908, seized the opportunity of World War I to physically remove the Armenian population. The post independence period has also witnessed a rise in awareness in the media of organized crime and sex service rings. The introduction of a private health sector has been discussed. Armenians now constitute about three-fourths of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh; since 1988 there have been violent interethnic disputes and sporadic warfare between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in and around the enclave. Armenian crafts couple elegant utility and delightful whimsy in textiles, ceramics, metal and woodworking. Gegard Ara Guler, Istanbul One of the more important of the distinctive regions of Armenia is the Ararat Plain and its surrounding foothills and mountains. The 1915 genocide led to the death of the great majority of the Armenian writers of the time. Armenia first came into history around 800 BC as part ***** ***** Kingdom of Urartu or Van, which was the first Armenian state, formed in 190 BC.

When I got home, I explored the internet to learn more. Armenian rock has made its input to the rock culture. They fought the Roman legions and the Sassanid Persians, and in most cases lost. There are many theatres, museums and monuments in Yerevan. Many prehistoric sites have been unearthed in and around Armenia, showing the existence of civilizations with advanced notions in agriculture, metallurgy, and industrial production, with diverse standardized manufacturing processes and pottery. By the 5th century the typical cupola cone in the center had become widely used. For example, a community has existed for over a millennium in the Holy Land, and one of the four quarters of the walled Old City of Jerusalem has been called the Armenian Quarter. From the fifth to the third millennia B.

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The mean altitude of the Armenian plateau is 5,600 feet (1,700 meter) above sea level. Following these demonstrations, on 28 May 1988, the seventeenth anniversary of the independence of Armenia was celebrated for the first time since Soviet rule. The Armenian Apostolic Church has two catholicosate sees: the Catholicos of All Armenians at Etchmiadzin, Armenia, and Cilicia, in Antelias, Lebanon. The extensive irrigated lands in the low, sunny Ararat Plain and cultivated stretches in the northeastern and southern river valleys yield high-quality grapes and fruits. When tracing all Indo-European languages, they seem to originate in the Anatolian Plain (Armenia). Both cultures are based on Holy Scripture and trace their heritage to the beginning of civilization. Its bearers exhibit a strong sense of national identity that sometimes even clashes with the modern concept of the nation-state.

Only a last-ditch effort at the gates of Yerevan saved the Armenians of the east (in Russian Armenia) from the fate of their western compatriots (in Turkey). Arguably the favorite food is khorovats an Armenian-styled barbecue. Armenians in the diaspora informally refer to them as Hayastantsis (Հայաստանցի), meaning those that are from Armenia (that is, those born and raised in Armenia). There are so many sights in this small and sunny country that even a couple of months are not enough to see it. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a reduction of gender-biased sex selection in Armenia. The vegetation includes drought-resisting plants such as juniper, sloe, dog rose, and honeysuckle.

They, as well as the Armenians of Iran and Russia speak the Eastern dialect of the Armenian language. This period was ended by the Seljuk invasion. Christian culture and the invention of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots. The largest Armenian populations today exist in Russia, the United States, France, Georgia, Iran, Ukraine, Lebanon, and Syria. Armenia’s major import source and export destination is Russia; other trading partners include Ukraine , Belarus , Georgia, Iran, Syria , and the countries of Central Asia. In 2014 the UNFPA in collaboration with USAID Armenia launched new project “Promoting Contraceptive Security in Armenia” aimed at supporting the Ministry of Health to strengthen coordination mechanisms for improved planning, monitoring and evaluation of reproductive health commodities through introduction of sustainable financing mechanisms involving all sectors stakeholders, such as Total Market Approach (TMA). Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe,[10] it is bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, the de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran and the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan to the south. To the north and east Armenia is bounded. It goes without saying that people united by national consciousness and culture try to leave their lives reverently. During the 19th century, writer Mikael Nalbandian worked to create a new Armenian literary identity. During the Soviet era, women were guaranteed their employment after a prolonged, paid maternity leave. I kept trying to put my finger on the culture and a possible concise description, but it felt a little like a cultural collision.

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In January 1990, further Armenian massacres were reported in Baku and Kirovabad. [27] It is also further postulated[28][29] that the name Hay comes from one of the two confederated, Hittite vassal states—the Ḫayaša-Azzi (1600–1200 BC). Click the Browse box to see a selection of books and journals by: Research Area, Titles A-Z, Publisher, Books only, or Journals only. The influence of his father, who was also a singer, inspired Armen to start singing at the young age of seven. In the republic of Armenia, following the policies put forth during the pre-Soviet and Soviet eras, the state has been supporting the arts and humanities. Peaches are popular as well, as are grapes, figs, pomegranates, and melons. Armenia has stressed free access to education. It goes without saying that people united by national consciousness and culture try to leave their lives reverently. Invasions of Arctic air sometimes cause the temperature to drop sharply: the record low is −51° F (−46° C). The disastrous earthquake in Armenia on 7 December 1988 added to the existing refugee and economic problems. The imperial reign of Tigranes the Great is thus the span of time during which Armenia itself conquered areas populated by other peoples. A new elite had emerged, however, based on the nomenclature or system that prevailed during Soviet rule. Women and men both worked outside the home.

During its later political eclipses, Armenia depended on the church to preserve and protect its unique identity. However, the continuous upheavals, which characterized the political scenes of Armenia, made the political power move to safer places. 5 million, they not only constitute an overwhelming majority in Armenia, but also in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenians are well-known for their hospitality and visitors will find a pleasant and friendly atmosphere everywhere they go. Therefore, it eventually moved to Cilicia as the Holy See of Cilicia. The oldest extant Armenian carpet from the region, referred to as Artsakh during the medieval era, is from the village of Banants (near Gandzak) and dates to the early 13th century. Today, that branch has just one language – Armenian. Soviet Armenia (1924) was the first Armenian documentary film. In the 19 th century the literature of Armenia was developing under the influence of Russian and West European cultures. Made up the USSR, Armenia has the most ethnic homogenous culture.

In 2014, “Lavash, the preparation, meaning and appearance of traditional bread as an expression of culture in Armenia” was included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. After two years, due to the increasing pressure of, on the one hand, advancing Kemalist Turkish forces, and on the other, the Bolsheviks, the small landlocked republic of Armenia was forced to sign treaties that led to the loss of its territories and to its becoming a Soviet republic. This period of time, during which Armenian culture flourished, is known as the Revival period (Zartonki sherchan). The Revivalist authors of Constantinople and Tiflis, almost identical to the Romanticists of Europe, were interested in encouraging Armenian nationalism. Home; Armenia; Culture; Literature; Armenian Culture – Literature. Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion, an event traditionally dated to AD 301. The Armenian national identity is essentially a cultural one. Armenians call themselves hay and identify their homeland not by the term “Armenia” but as Hayastan or Hayasdan.

Tondrakians advocated the abolishment of the church, denied the immortality of the soul, did not believe in an afterlife, supported property rights for peasants, and equality between men and women

The water level is highest when the snow melts in the spring and during the autumn rains. The semidesert landscape, ascending to an elevation of 4,300 to 4,600 feet, consists of a slightly rolling plain covered with scanty vegetation, mostly sagebrush. One of the oldest types of Armenian music is the Armenian chant which is the most common kind of religious music in Armenia. The majority of the literary arts were created by Moses of Khorene, in the 5th century. This Essay is Approved by Our. The Armenian dance heritage has been one of the oldest, richest and most varied in the Near East. A new elite had emerged, however, based on the nomenclature or system that prevailed during Soviet rule.

Other secular holidays include: Women’s Day 7 April; the commemoration of the 1915 genocide of the Armenians 24 April; the Independence day of the first Armenian republic of 1918, and 28 May; the Independence Day of the current republic of Armenia, 21 September. Armenia – the country of old legends and Biblical stories. As a result of considerable difference in altitude along their length, some rivers have great hydroelectric potential. Christian culture and the invention of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots. From the mid 16th century with the Peace of Amasya, and decisively from the first half of the 17th century with the Treaty of Zuhab until the first half of the 19th century,[42] Eastern Armenia was ruled by the successive Iranian Safavid, Afsharid and Qajar empires, while Western Armenia remained under Ottoman rule. During the summer of 1988, mass demonstrations continued, followed by general strikes. The Caucasus region and Armenia in particular have been cited by scholars as the place where rug and carpet weaving originated. [44] Today, with a population of 3. In recent years, because of economic difficulties, there has been a privatization trend. At the risk of sounding completely disjointed, I would like to share another thought about Armenia. In the 5th century Moses of Khorene (Movsés Khorenats’i) himself had heard of how the old descendants of Aram (that is Armenians) make mention of these things (epic tales) in the ballads for the lyre and their songs and dances.

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Armenians are well-known for their hospitality and visitors will find a pleasant and friendly atmosphere everywhere they go. Many of these chants are ancient in origin, extending to pre-Christian times, while others are relatively modern, including several composed by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet. Prominent Karabakh carpet weavers there were men too. Armenians believe that civilization restarted itself right there at home and languages and cultures flowed from Noah and his family. Ethnic minorities who occupy Armenia practice Russian Orthodox, Protestant and Muslim religions. Armenia has been identified with the mountainous Armenian plateau since pre-Roman times. The food was truly a festival in and of itself.

After independence, Armenia implemented a number of structural reforms in an effort to create the institutional and legal basis for a market economy. In his trilingual Behistun Inscription dated to 517 BC, Darius I the Great of Persia refers to Urashtu (in Babylonian) as Armina (in Old Persian; Armina ( ) and Harminuya (in Elamite). The notion "Armenian culture" implies not just the culture of Armenia but that of the Armenian people, the majority of whom live outside the current boundaries of  . A very important aspect of the Armenian cuisine is the traditional bread called Lavash. Presidential elections were held in March 1998. Spices, fruits and many varieties of vegetables are grown though out the country with each region specializing in their own variations. The history ***** ***** *****ns is the history of Armenia. They settled in large numbers in Cilicia, an Anatolian region where Armenians were already established as a minority since Roman times. Within Yerevan alone there are more than 40 fine arts museums and galleries. Armenia is the official language but it does contain two distinct dialects, Eastern (the official) and Turkish. With the exceptions of Iran and the former Soviet states, the present-day Armenian diaspora was formed mainly as a result of the Armenian Genocide.


Another well-known author of medieval epoch was Koryun who described the life of Mashtots and did a number of translations of theological books into Armenian. Common themes and patterns found on Armenian carpets were the depiction of dragons and eagles. Therefore, since 1441, there have been two Catholicosates in the Armenian Church with equal rights and privileges, and with their respective jurisdictions. The tributaries of the Kura —the Debed (109 miles), the Aghstev (80 miles), and others—pass through Armenia’s northeastern regions. In the 19 th century the literature of Armenia was developing under the influence of Russian and West European cultures. These symbols—all of which, the authors argue, are constructed and imagined rather than essential—can be summarized as being the world as a garden, the sacred mountain, the temple, writing and the book, and finally the Khackar (a freestanding, upright, rectangular cross stone found in cemeteries to commemorate an Armenian’s conversion to Christianity). Experience first hand the “country sheltered by Biblical Ararat” home of Noah’s Ark; the land where human kind was reborn. The entire Armenian population living under Turkish rule was thus subjected to systematic annihilation and the survivors scattered through the world in the aftermath of what would be known later as the first documented genocide of the twentieth century. [55] The first time that the Armenian word for carpet, gorg, was used in historical sources was in a 1242–1243 Armenian inscription on the wall of the Kaptavan Church in Artsakh. Armenia is also vine and grape country. According to US Census figures, there are 300,000 Americans who speak Armenian at home. The Armenian Genocide Essays: Over 180,000 The Armenian Genocide Essays, The Armenian Genocide Term Papers.

The food was truly a festival in and of itself

[citation needed ] There are also successful Armenians in football – Henrikh Mkhitaryan, boxing – Arthur Abraham and Vic Darchinyan. In the 5th century Moses of Khorene (Movsés Khorenats’i) himself had heard of how the old descendants of Aram (that is Armenians) make mention of these things (epic tales) in the ballads for the lyre and their songs and dances. Word Count: 975; Approx Pages: 4; Save Essay; View my Saved Essays. 5 million victims, with one wave of persecution in the years 1894 to 1896 culminating in the events of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 and 1916. It was their duty and responsibility to maintain the household. Until recently, medicine and health care were universal and state run. Further, she is a featured vocalist of Atom Egoyan’s movie, Ararat, in collaboration with the band “Delerium”, which brought in another Grammy nomination.

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